Senior Case Manager

Job Description

In this role you will:

* Understand and execute responsibilities in accordance with governance mechanisms to deliver compliance and support business improvement
* Conducting initial and progressive assessments of risk and program suitability
* Identifying and responding appropriately to risks arising from offender assessment including liaising with relevant managers, staff and external stakeholders
* Preparing high quality assessment documents and undertake verification and quality control of assessment and associated documents
* Ensure that you undertake direct interaction with a caseload of high risk sexual and violent offenders (including sexual, violent and other priority groups) assigned to you and appropriately identify risk and needs
* Develop appropriate plans to meet the conditions and requirements of court and parole board orders and facilitate appropriate behavioural and attitudinal change in offenders
* Ensure compliance with legislation and Agency procedures and standards for the case management of offenders
* Ensure that supervision practices and the monitoring of offenders contributes to ensuring the highest level of community safety and supports the achievement of internal oversight mechanisms
* Ensure the appropriate exchange of information with the Queensland Police Service and other government Agency's to optimise offender management
* Ensure security, maintenance, accuracy, access and appropriateness of case notes and intervention reports for appropriate staff and approved internal and external authorities
* Develop intervention strategies to facilitate appropriate behavioural and attitudinal change in offenders
* Monitor compliance with the requirements of orders and take breach action in accordance with prescribed procedures
* Co-ordinate, facilitate and monitor the implementation of offender management plans in accordance with assessed risk and need
* Ensure the timely provision of service and advice to courts, boards and other agencies regarding offenders.
* Execute duties as an officer of the Court
* Support the development of peers and delivery of quality offender management through peer verification, mentoring and coaching of junior and/or geographically displaced staff
* Conduct drug testing of offenders and maintain accurate statistics
* Promote and nurture a team culture that has good morale, values diversity and share knowledge and experience through informal and formal coaching/mentoring techniques in developing capability of entry- level case management staff.
* Emotional resilience to self-regulate and balance personal challenges that may arise whilst working and living in some of Queensland's most isolated communities
* A genuine commitment to invest in the community and understand remote protocols including the multicultural offender profile and promotes a positive image of QCS

Applications to remain current for 12 months.

Job Ad Reference: QLD/443093/22

Closing Date: Friday, 23rd September 2022