Ranger/Vessel Master

Job Description

The position will be required to:

• Master and Engineer on “Reef Resilience”.

• Operate and maintain vessels and participate in vessel patrols, including patrols for extended periods for up to 130 days at sea;

• Participate in work programs across the region; including those relating to vessel crewing/operation, fire control, feral animal control, weed control and infrastructure maintenance;

• Work cooperatively with Traditional owners and other agencies and participate in patrols on board vessels operated by other agencies;

• Undertake work in remote areas;

• Operate in accordance with the Department Code of Conduct.


This position may be required to:

• Undertake and supervise SCUBA diving activities;

• Fly in light fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft; and

• Handle potentially dangerous wildlife.


You must have the following mandatory qualifications:

• Current AMSA Master

• Current AMSA Marine Engine Driver (MED) Grade 2 Certificate of Competency


It is a mandatory requirement for the occupant of this position to hold a unrestricted manual drivers licence.


In addition to the mandatory requirements, it is desirable that the successful applicant holds the following accreditation;

• Senior First Aid certificate

• Wildfire Suppression and Prescribed Burning Level 1

• Unrestricted Agricultural Chemical Distribution Certificate

• Chainsaw operators accreditation (Level 1 & 2)

• Operation of specialised equipment such as ATV/ side by side, Forklift and Bobcat.

• Departmental Law Enforcement (Level 1) accreditation    


Applications to remain current for 12 months.


Job Ad Reference: QLD/435282/22

Closing Date: Monday, 22 August  2022