Paralegal Officer

Job Description

• Provide administrative support to child safety officers and prepare court documents (eg. affidavits), in consultation with and under the direction of the child safety officer and/or senior team leader.

• Prepare court documents that demonstrate high level written communication skills, are well structured, objective, clear, concise and meet the required standards of both the department and the court.

• Competently access, understand and use information held in departmental information systems, in preparing affidavits and other court documents to support applications for child protection orders.

• Provide administrative support to senior team leaders in completing requests for information required for applications for child protection orders.

• Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with departmental legal officers to ensure that court documents adequately address legislative requirements.

• Work as part of a team to support child safety officers to meet rapidly changing priorities and ensure deadlines are met.

• Identify and promptly communicate key issues to the senior team leader that may impact on meeting designated tasks.

• Participate and contribute productively as a team member to form culturally appropriate, professional working relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

• Participate and contribute to a culture of continuous learning, training and professional development to ensure practice knowledge and skills are contemporary and evidence-based.

• Contribute to continuous quality improvement strategies.

Applications to remain current for 12 months.

Job Ad Reference: QLD/458369/22

Closing Date: Friday, 9th December 2022