Male Group Facilitator

Job Description

Position Details:

Position Purpose: The main responsibilities of this position are:

  • Facilitating Men’s Behavioural Change groups
  • Counselling
  • Administration

Position reports to: CEO

Position Description:

Position Summary:

The Men’s Behaviour Change Program is one of the recommendations to come out of the “Not Now, Not Ever” Report into ending Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland.  The Integrated Response is an initiative to work collaboratively with Government and Non-Government Agencies to improve the safety of women and children and to support men who use violence to take responsibility for their behaviour and to change that behaviour.


  • Provide specialist group work services aimed at behaviour change and stopping violence to men who are using or have used domestic and family violence against their current or former partner and/or children
  • Engage with men using violence in group work and individual counselling with a strong focus on safety for women and their children, and accountability and opportunities to change for people using violence
  • Report risk management issues that may impact upon the safety and health of women and/or children to the Director and/or to the Women’s Advocate
  • Undertake administrative duties associated with direct service delivery and data collection
  • Participate in the identification of trends to inform appropriate service development
  • All workers are required to work within the Practice Standard for Domestic and Family Violence Services Practice Principles, Standards and Guidance
  • Facilitate education and support groups for men
  • Develop appropriate workshops and content for men’s education groups
  • When working with individuals, conduct a thorough assessment of domestic and/or family violence, to identify all forms of intrafamilial violence, safety risks and vulnerabilities, and respond to identified safety risks through the creation of collaborative safety plans with the client
  • Conduct client assessment and intake of client needs to make client appointments, provide relevant information, and make appropriate referrals, and link to treatment plan.
  • Ability to assess for trauma and manage appropriately
  • Maintain confidentiality and duty of care, including identification of domestic and family violence
  • Maintenance of appropriate files and case notes as per organisational policies and procedures
  • Meet legislative and funding requirements
  • Achieve the organisation’s targets for caseload and completed client sessions as designated for the program
  • A commitment to supervision and professional development
  • Ensure our service is undertaking and implementing informed and considered risk assessments and safety planning, clear case plans and exit plans with women and children experiencing family violence
  • Ensure compliance with relevant data reporting, legislation, policy, procedures, and practice guidelines
  • Contribute to continuous quality improvement across our workforce to ensure services result in a positive service outcome for women and children
  • Work collaboratively with the other staff to support collaborative practice across client services programs
  • Model and encourage collaborative practice across programs within the organisation.
  • Contribute to a positive and professional image of our organisation during contact with clients, community members, colleagues, partners, and key stakeholders
  • Actively participate in staff, team and organisational meetings, individual and group supervision, training, and professional development
  • Maintain registration with the Australian Counselling Association or other relevant professional body


  • Work alongside Government and Non-Government Agencies to deliver a MBCP that adheres to recognised Australian MBCP Minimum Standards and is culturally appropriate
  • Contribute knowledge to the development and implementation of a MBCP
  • Ensure that the MBCP primary focus is the safety of women and children
  • Ensure that the MBCP meets recognised Australian family violence standards
  • Under the direction of the GWHC Director assist to develop and implement protocols, policies and procedures for the implementation of a men’s behavioural change program in accordance with recognised Australian MBCP Minimum Standards and consistent with the principles outlined within the service specifications
  • Contribute extensive sector knowledge and experience to the process of developing protocols, policies and procedures for a MBCP
  • The MBCP is within the service specifications and in accordance with recognised Australian MBCP Minimum Standards
  • Ensure the MBCP is a fully integrated component of the Queensland Governments ‘Integrated Response to Family Violence’
  • Assist GWHC Director to ensure the MBCP becomes embedded in the local domestic and family violence service system
  • Assist GWHC Director to develop strategies to promote the cultural safety of the MBCP to the community

Performance Indicators:

  • The Men’s Behaviour Change Program is developed in a culturally safe manner that considers local context and that adheres to recognised principles
  • Intake pathways, referral processes and group work sessions are planned and delivered with a strong program service system and is established for referred clients
  • The Women’s Advocate (partner contact) provides with advice regarding any behaviour change
  • Appropriate protocols, policies and procedures which reflect the service specifications are developed and implemented
  • The men’s behavioural change program operates within recognised Australian MBCP Minimum Standards
  • Assessment, intake and group are undertaken according to the MBCP curriculum
  • The MBCP is accepted as being culturally safe and as an appropriate program for males who use violence against women and children to participate in.
  • The MBCP is viewed by program participants positively.
  • MBCP is a fully integrated component of the Queensland Integrated Response to Family Violence.
  • Perceptions of the MBCP are positive and the program is viewed in a favourable way by individuals and families

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