District Manager

Job Description

In this role you will:
* Manage the workload and work practices of staff
* Supervise, motivate and appraise employee performance of their duties by providing feedback
* Manage the training and professional development needs of staff
* Coach and develop staff to effectively manage offenders (covering referrals, interviews, file notes and risk awareness and assessment)
* Maintain own knowledge of contemporary management practices and knowledge of legislation, policies and procedures relevant to managing staff
* Contribute to the knowledge base of the team
* Adhere to the applicable Code of Conduct and management of staff where there are perceived breaches of the code to ensure that they are managed and reported appropriately
* Develop Human Resource Management plans for the office
* Maintain, utilise and ensure application and compliance with contemporary Human Resource Management principles and practice and relevant Industrial awards
* Manage grievances and represent the Department at relevant appeals tribunals
* Monitor monthly financial statements, manage and ensure compliance of recurrent and capital budgets for the District
* Devise and implement strategies to respond to budget trends
* Maintain office accommodation and equipment to deliver services
* Provide significant contribution to the creation and implementation of operational plans
* Maintain a safe and secure environment and exercise duty of care towards the staff, offenders and the public
* Facilitate effective supervision and improved reintegration and rehabilitation of offenders who are subject to community supervision orders
* Oversee case management activities within the office and the appropriate allocation of caseloads within a risk management framework
* Ensure maintenance, accuracy and appropriateness of case notes and intervention reports for appropriate authorities
* Ensure officers' compliance with legislation and departmental procedures for the management of offenders
* Audit case management plans and activities to ensure continuity and consistency
* Undertake direct interaction with offenders regarding the resolution of issues
* Ensure records & data for the Integrated Offender Management system (IOMs) are accurate & current
* Ensure the security of files and appropriate access to the files by relevant staff and approved external agencies
* Maintain own level of knowledge of legislation, policy and procedures in relation to offender management
* Identify and respond appropriately to risks arising from offender management including appropriate liaison with the Regional Manager as required
* Analyse external operating environment and contribute to the development of strategies to minimise risk
* Engage with relevant community agencies and support services
* Promote value of Probation and Parole to the community
* Ensure the timely provision of advice & reports to courts, boards & other agencies regarding offenders & relevant offender issues
* Build partnerships with sentencing authorities regarding community operations initiatives
* Promote the activities of probation & parole and develop productive relationships with service providers and the community generally to enhance the community's regard for probation & parole
* Ensure the appropriate exchange of information with the Queensland Police Service, other agencies & government departments to optimise offender management consistent with the highest standards of community safety

There are no mandatory qualifications for this position; tertiary qualifications in a relevant field such as management would be highly desirable. Possession of a valid C Class licence is required.

Applications to remain current for 12 months.

Job Ad Reference Number: QLD/434850/22

Closing Date: Monday, 15 August 2022